The New Light Weight Travel Iron
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Follow these simple steps to make your Italsteam Work properly:
Step 1:
Swing handle up to the open point (90 degrees), marked on the iron.
Step 2:
Add tap water to the Water Measuring Cup, fill it up to the top
note: if you have a level indicator - fill up to the level indicator.
Step 3:
Pour the water into the Italsteam.
Step 4:
Add two heaping spoons of regular table salt, use the Salt Measuring Spoon. The spoon is located under the Measuring cup. For US use the USA side of the spoon, for Europe use the EU side.
Step 5:
Swing handle to close.
Step 6:
Connect the plug tightly to the Italsteam . Now connect the electrical cable to the electricity socket.Warning: make sure electricity connections are dry.
Step 7:
Use the correct position for heating and operating the Italsteam,shown on HOW TO USE ITALSTEAM on the buttom of this page.
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Step 8:
When the steam stops, just pour another measuring cup of water into the Italsteam,
Note: additional salt is not needed with every refill.
Step 9:
After use, in order to clean the Italsteam , just add more water and shake it from side to side, then pour the water out (the water will be in a different color). Put the Italsteam up side down and let it dry until the next time you are going to use it.
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